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Crafters get ready for a public project on Saturday, November 12 (tomorrow), from 10 - 3 in front of the Bridge of Remembrance, city. This is being organised by a craft collective and Gap Filler is happy to get the word out. Bring a chair and your knitting/sewing/lace/patchwork/spinning/weaving - whatever you like and join a bunch of other people crafting out in public. The aim is to draw more attention to the role craft has had in ChCh and how it will fit into plans for the rebuilding of the city
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Some thoughts on minimum wage and youths

Raising the minimum wage will just mean that more people are on the minimum wage, which will soon be relegated to the same amount of buying power as the old minimum wage as employers pass on the cost of employees to the consumers. Also, they won't be able to afford to keep as many employees because of the cost.

If you raised the minimum conditions of employees instead and enforced them, then the employees will still be on minimum wage and have less buying power, but at least they will have a better quality of life for 40 hours a week. They will also be less sick and more productive. I was thinking of a minimum temperature in workplaces and minimum amount of breaks per so many hours. It would probably lower the amount of people on the dole as well, as they will have less to worry about vis a vis work conditions.

Also, raising the retirement age is not helping. Many labourers are already screwed well before 60, and removing their pension for another two years will a) put more people on the sickness benefit and b)make it less likely that youths can be employed.

Currently we have a problem with unemployable 18-25 year olds. Employers are more likely to employ a 62 year old than a 18-25 year old, because they have more experience, and everyone moves jobs every 3 years anyway (according to business columns). Therefore, you end up with the same amount of employable time but with more experience in the 62 year old.

Somehow, we need to get the business people to be happy with employing people with less experience, but the right qualifications and/or attitudes. The 90 day trial thing is probably a step in the right direction for helping youth, as it allows them to prove their worth despite lack of experience.

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Gap Filler Book Exchange

Possibly of interest to some people:

Calling book lovers! GF's next project is a book exchange on a gap site. Books will be housed in an old double glass-door fridge with 'Think Differently' written on it. We ask you to bring to the opening event (TBC) a book which made you THINK DIFFERENTLY about something, anything. You will leave the book in the fridge. All the books you bring will start the installation going.


Bellydance workshop on Saturday

So I'll be going to this on Saturday and I thought I'd signal boost for those not on Facebook...
Saturday, April 30 · 1:00pm - 2:00pm

A Room to Breathe Yoga Studio

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I'm dusting off my coin belts and teaching some Bellydance, a little bit of history, and a lot of fun. Come spend ten dollars on ajust a hip-shakin' good time!